© Harald Morsch
© Harald Morsch

Mylène Kroon sang with a magical nonchalance, her voice floats so lightly like a gentle breeze in the ear and flies straight to the heart.

Originally from the Netherlands, Mezzo Soprano Mylène Kroon studied a Bachelors in Classical Singing at the ArtEZ Conservatory, before moving to Germany to study a Masters degree specializing in Opera at the Hochschule für Musik Detmold with Caroline Thomas and Lars Woldt. During her studies she also started performing Jazz repertoire and studied Jazz singing as a complementary subject with Gabriela Koch.

Mylène Kroon regularly performs Oratorio, Opera and Lied repertoire as a soloist across Germany and Europe. She is also engaged in Jazz ensembles and vocal groups, collaborates often on projects with new compositions and has been asked to write music for other vocal ensembles. Furthermore, Mylène is the founder, vocalist and composer of Jazz ensemble Mylène Kroon & Maesters.

Mylène has followed masterclasses with a.o. Barbara Hannigan, Neil Semer, Jean-Ronald Lafond, Barbara Schlick and Alison Pierce.